Board Members

Members of GCTE Board of Management

1 Engineer Mastewal Siyoum Shibe
2 Dr  Asrat  Atsedewoyin  Andargie
3 Ato Worku  H/Mariam
4 Ato   Mesfin  Erkabe Mirach
5 Ato  Tsegayie   Yibka  Abeje
6 Ato  Sentayehu Negash Meshesha 0918786261


Duties and Responsibilities of the Board

  1. Follow up and ensure that the provisions of this regulation are implemented and thereby good governance prevail in the college thereof;
  2. Submit the draft strategic and annual work plans as well as the implementation budget to the Bureau and thereby follow up their execution up on approval as well as examine and approve the performance report and financial statement of the institution thereof ;
  3. Examine and approve proposals submitted to it regarding organizational structure, administrative directions, working procedures, internal bylaw and academic programs and thereby closely follow up their implementation thereof;
  4. On the initiation of the dean, issue a draft directive through which the college’s vice deans and members of the academic commission may, as deemed appropriate, be proposed and follow up its proper implementation thereof;
  5. Present the dean and vice deans of the college to and have their appointments approved by the Bureau;
  6. Without prejudice to the application of other relevant laws, submit recommendations to the Bureau with a view to the taking of corrective measures against the dean and the vice deans who may have been found showing weakness in the course of their duties;
  7. Without prejudice to the provision of Sub-Art. 6 of this Article hereof, where the leadership bodies of the college are found to have committed grave infringement of laws or where it has been suspicious of a serious public embezzlement of funds setting in, first take remedial measures of its own available at hand and promptly report such conditions to the Bureau
  8. Monitor the implementation of those directives governing the employment, promotion, discipline, salary, and other benefits of the academic as well as the administrative and technical support staff which the Bureau may, from time to time, issue on the basis of the regional state civil servants’ proclamation and other laws pertinent thereto;
  9. Submit to the Bureau amendment proposals regarding this regulation as may be so required; advise the Bureau on any matters to be of use for the teachers’ education and training development;
  10. Examine complaints submitted to it against those decisions rendered by the dean of the institution; and thereby possibly take corrective and rectifying measures, as deemed appropriate;
  11. Evaluate the work performance of the academic departments, their respective heads and the administrative bodies of the college having been assisted with the report of the dean;
  12. Follow up the implementation of those decisions of the academic commission and regulations to be issued by same;
  13. Where it has understood that any decision passed by either the dean or the academic commission comes into conflict with the existing government polices and laws, submit such an issue to and have it acted upon by the Bureau;
  14. possibly formulate, in consultation with the Bureau, its internal administrative bylaws and disciplinary guidelines designed to govern its members thereof;
  15. Follow up the proper organization of the academic commission and the management committee of the college; and possibly establish, on the initiation of the dean, other additional structures which might be accountable to the dean, as deemed necessary;
  16. Ensure that the revenues of the college are documented in accurate books of account and the expenditures are carried out as per the budget allocated thereto;
  17. In pursuance of the requests submitted to it on the part of the dean, cause the study of the type and amount of those service charges which the college would demand in view of its delivery of the education and training thereof as well as have the various allowances and payments of part-time fees decided by the Bureau, taking into account the revenue of the institution thereof;
  18. Perform such other related functions as are given to it by the Bureau in a manner not in contravention of the provisions of this regulation thereof.