Annual Plan


Education is one of the many factors that determine a country’s development. By its nature of imparting knowledge, skills and an intended attitude, education and training can accelerate economic and social developments. Cognizant of this, many countries in world are investing huge amount of resources to education and training programs.

Ethiopia is among the countries of the world that took initiatives for expanding and promoting the education sector. In Ethiopia, the expansion of higher learning institution is one of the valuable components emphasized in the program. Thus, higher learning institutions are playing pivotal role in the country’s overall development.

II. Objectives of the department

The following are the specific details of the objectives of the department.

  • To offer relevant courses that help would teachers to become qualified professionals as pre-service.
  • Ensure the relevance and adequacy of learning resources and student support services.
  • Decrease dropout and attrition rate of students.
  • Promote progressive enhancement/improvement of quality education /trainings and to ensure that appropriate standards are achieved and sustained in our activities.
  • To develop new modules and /or revising the existing ones to meet the standards expected.
  • Conducting short – term trainings that support staff development in the teaching profession.
  • Conducting the in-service programs to facilitate the changes and innovations in the teaching profession.  
  • To provide common courses to would be teachers in other fields.
  • Ensure participation rate of academic staff in research and publication activities.
  • To provide skill courses (Braille and Sign Language) for trainees.
  • Develop pre-service and in-service students’ the knowledge, skills and dispositions required to meet the standards set by the Ministry of Education for preschool teachers.
  • Develop pre-service and in-service students’ knowledge and skills to foster the holistic development (socio-emotional, physical, cognitive, language) of preschool children that underlines for ECCE in Ethiopia.
  • Develop in preschool pre- service and in- service students the skill to design and implement attractive and participatory methods in teaching and learning process.
  • Create awareness of teaching as a respected profession in which each effective teacher educator and teacher can grow and succeed in a life-long career.

III. Teaching and Learning

Goal: Produce competent, responsible and problem solving professionals in fields of study to satisfy the needs of the nation.


  • To improve the profile and pedagogical skill of academic staff.
  • To fulfill necessary inputs and facilities for teaching and learning process.
  • To assure the relevance and equity of the educational programs, and promote practical teaching and learning methods.

IV. Research

Goal: Undertake problem based and development oriented action and basic researches in quantity and quality and disseminate the findings to the end users.


  • Establish priority based research thematic areas.
  • Build the research capacity of the college.
  • Contribute to the promotion of educational quality and relevance.
  • Increase the quantity and quality of research undertakings.

V. Community Services

Goal: Provide quality and sustainable community service that enhances the society’s socio-economic development and well-being.


  • To serve the community in line with the teaching-learning process.
  • Participate in developmental works.
  • To involve all academic staff and students in community service provision.
  • To provide consultancy and short-term training services.

VI. Students’ Support Services

Goal: Improve the quality of students’ support services


  • To improve the quality, affordability and access of entertainment services;
  • To provide effective and timely guidance and counseling services to all students;