Extension Course Breakdown

Semester Break down 
           Year I         semester I    
noCourse titleCourse codeCr.hr.Co.hrRemark
1Basic Mathematics IMath 10134 
2Basic Natural Science IBNSc 10136 
3Basic English  I Eng 11033 
4Basic Social Studies BsSt 10124 
5Hand Writing Skills  MT 10122 
      Year I         semester II    
noCourse titleCourse codeCr.hr.Co.hrRemark
1Basic Natural Sciences IIBNSc 10236 
2Basic Mathematics IIMath 10235 
3Practicum I Prac 11211 
4Child Development and Learning   EPSY 11233 
5Professional Ethical and Civic Education  CEED 10123 
       Year I     summer
noCourse titleCourse codeCr.hr.Co.hrRemark
1Primary Curriculum & InstructionTECS 11233 
2Basic Mother Tongue             MT 112  22 
3Basic English IIEng 12033 
4Inclusive Education in Primary SchoolsSNIE 22133 
5 Art, Music, and Child Learning   TAMe 10222 
6Cognitive Development and Reading skillsMT 20133 
    Year II         semester I
NoCourse titleCourse codeCr.hr.Co.hrRemark
1Basic Skill for children with Visual Impairment (Braill I)SNEd 22123 
2Basic Skill for children with Hearing Impairment (Sign I)SNEd 23123 
3Education of children with sensory, Physical and Health ImpairmentSNEd 21123 
4Practicum IIPrac 22122 
5Instructional Media and Information Technology in Primary SchoolIMICT. 34135 
6Developing reading skill in mother tongueMT. 221   33 
    Year II         semester II
NoCourse titleCourse codeCr.hr.Co.hrRemark
1Basic Skill for children with Visual Impairment (Braille II)SNEd 22233 
2Basic Skills for Children with Hearing Impairment (Sign II)SNEd 23233 
3Practicum  IIIPrac 23233 
4Cross cutting Issues in  Education EDUC 30133 
5Application of Theories of Learning in Primary school EPSY 22122 
6Education of children with intellectual disability, gifted and talentedSNEd 24123 
Year II      summer
NoCourse titleCourse codeCr.hr.Co.hrRemark
1Basic Skills for children with Visual Impairment and Orientation and Mobility Training (Braille III)SNEd 32234 
2Basic Skill for children for Hearing Impairment (Sign III)SNEd 33233 
3Assessment in Primary SchoolEPSY 23133 
4Education of Children with Learning Disability Communication DisorderSNEd 31223 
5Introduction to Language &Linguistics on mother tongueMT 21244 
Year III         semester I
NoCourse titleCourse codeCr.hr.Co.hrRemark
1Method of  Teaching  children with Special NeedsSNEd 33122 
2Action research ACR 30111 
3Practicum IV Prac 34166 
4Methods of teaching language skills in integrated approach in primary schoolTMT 31133 
Year III         semester II    
NoCourse titleCourse codeCr.hr.Co.hrRemark
1Sociological Perspective on teaching and LearningTECS 22233 
2Early Intervention and Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR)SNEd 34123 
3Education of children with Emotional and Behavioral DisorderSNEd 34222 
4School Management and School ImprovementEDPM 30222 
5Essay and Report WritingMT 32133 
NOYear SemesterCr.hr.Co.hrNO OF COURSES
1Year I    I13195
2Year I    II12185
3Year Isummer16166
4Year III14196
5Year IIII16176
6Year IIsummer15175
7Year IIII12124
8Year IIIII12135
  Total 11013142