About the Department

Department Contact Person

Name : Banchamalak Tsegaye

Phone No.: 0918220803

E-mail: lang.gcte.edu.et

Department Units Contact Persons

Name : Tamrat Mekonnen (Amharic Unit)

Phone No.: 0918771898

E-mail: tamrat87@gmail.com

Name : Andargachew Mengesha (English Unit)

Phone No.: 0923747902

E-mail: ttrobelandu@gmail.com

Department Background

The Gondar college of Teachers Education was training students in a certificate program since its establishment in 1974 up to 1988 E.C. Then, starting from 1988, the college has been devoted in training and graduating a number of trainees in teaching profession in Diploma regular, night and summer programs.

There is evidence that the Language Department was first organized having two Amharic teachers and three English teachers. Currently, the department is working so hard with 23 teachers-12 Amharic and 11 English Language teachers. Besides, the department has been giving trainings for students in 3 major fields: Amharic and English Specialists, and English Linear.

Moreover, the department is highly committed in carrying out a lot of work regarding the education and training process, community-based services and action and basic researches.

Department Vision

We envisage that the Language Department be efficient and fruitful by training professionally competent and academically effective primary school teachers in Mother Tongue and English who can lay a solid foundation in children’s language proficiency skills

Department Mission

The Language Department strives to produce well competent and skilled primary school teachers and ensure quality education and access throughout the region by conducting various education, training, and research programs related to Mother Tongue and English language proficiencies.

Department Values

The  Department  has the following values:

  • Securing democratic mentality
  • Be competent enough on job
  • Providing problem-solving trainings
  • Providing prompt and equitable services
  • Be respectful of the principles of ethics
  • Prioritizing public benefits
  • Be competitive in work results
  • Be exemplary in respecting and securing the rule of law
  • Establishing a sense cooperative leadership
  • Making saving a culture
  • Maximizing dedication, respectfulness and good ethics in the profession
  • Prioritizing females and other citizens who need special support
  • Giving due attention for innovation and research endeavors
  • Targeting at goal accomplishments
  • Maximizing the use of Information Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Encouraging the principle of reinforcement for staff members who strive for high standards
  • Working cooperatively
  • Developing self confidence through updating ones competence
Department Organizational Structure

Department Entry Requirements

Any interested applicants who want to be trained in the fields provided by the department are supposed to meet the requirements of the recruitments set by the Amhara National Regional State Bureau, which are listed as follows:

  1. Health and Physical Fitness: Everyone who is healthy and without physical disability that can prevent them from teaching.
  2. Age: Everyone who is from 18-35 years.
  3. Personality and Ethics: Everyone who loves the teaching profession and free from addiction.
  4. Educational Qualification:
  • Students who have completed their preparatory school education.
  • Students who have achieved transcript average of 50% and above.
  • Students can also be registered if they have best and appropriate results in the past 3 years university entrance examinations.
  • Students who are able to answer written and oral examinations of 50% and above can join the college.

Major Achievements of the Departments

With respect to students’ result
  • The department is striving hard with its main objective of producing language teachers who are up to the standard. To do so, the department has accomplished numerous activities in order to help students achieve 70% and above in all courses.
  • A lot of the planned effort has been exerted for students to achieve 70% and above in professional efficiency assessment. As a result, there is a growing improvement year to year.
With respect to Research
  • It may be known that the department has been conducting many problem solving research studies. Also, the department will be dedicated to carry out a lot of research works in the way that they can boost the effectiveness of the teaching and learning process in the future, even more than before.
With respect to Community based service
  • The department is used to providing professional support for many primary schools in a yearly manner. The department will also attempt to bridge gaps of these and other schools’ possible problems by undertaking schools’ needs assessment for the future.

Department Clubs

As regards the club organized under the department, there is one club: Drama & Literature. The purpose of this club is to produce trainees who have well developed special talents in drama and literature. 

  • This club has educative and at the same time entertaining monthly conducted “Literature at Night” programs like drama, poems, jok.es, and other literary works.
  • In addition, in the “Literature Night” programs organized by the club, there are news, marvelous things, the club monthly newspaper, etc. which are concerted for the audiences on a regular basis.

The pedagogical Centers of the Department

The department has got three different pedagogical centers: 2 of them are mother tongue and the other is English Language.  

Amharic Pedagogical centers

In these two centers, teachers having several courses perform different activities with students and teach them being supported by videos.

English Language Improving Centers/ELIC/

In this center, students will be trained and perform different improving activities in order to enhance their English Language Skills by arranging programs for this purpose in advance based on the needs of the trainees.