Action Plan

Education and Training  Annual  Plan  of the Department in  2012 E.C






Main Activities of the Department

 Year in Quarters    










Follow up
1 Starting work after conducting evaluative discussions as regards the implementation of the department’s 2011 E.C Annual plan. The department
2 Introducing the department’s 2012 E.C Annual plan * The department Checklist
3 Implementing the activities as scheduled by contacting in a timely fashion. * * * * The department Checklist
4 Evaluating and monitoring the activities of the department * * * * The department Checklist
5 Giving specific duties and activities to clubs and groups that under go with in the department * The department Checklist
6 Assigning teachers as coordinators for students’ study groups, and support & follow up them according to the plan. * The department Checklist
7 Supporting and monitoring activities concerning lesson planning regularly * * * * The department Checklist
8 Providing and evaluating different actions being used to support the students * * * * The department Checklist
9 Introducing specific activities with regard to the implementation and evaluation of the trainees’ academic learning * * * * The department
10 Providing activities with teachers  related to peer classroom observation * * * * The department
11 Describing activities in detail and showing how to do as regards school and teaching practice * * * * The department
12 Getting in to work by explaining the duties and activities of the club and club coordinators and then evaluating and follow up the process. * * * * The department checklist
13 Enhancing the English Language Improvement Center (ELIC) and updating the capacities of the ELIC trainers through follow up and support * * * * The department
14 Enabling teachers to help them develop their students’ knowledge and skills by using the pedagogical center or ELIC of the college * * * * The department


15 Monitoring and supporting the department teachers so as to motivate them to do activities attentively to help their students improve academic results. * * * * The department
16 Supplying professional support for primary school teachers in the way that can strengthen their existing abilities by consolidating the support strategy between 2011 E.C college-school linkage. * * * * The department
17 Facilitating research work in the way they can alleviate academic problems and so bring quality education in the college. * * * * The department
18 Expanding ICT and supporting and monitoring the training process in order to achieve efficiency. * * * * The department
19 Organizing different workshops and seminars in order to help teachers demonstrate their profession by means of CPD and using participatory teaching methodologies. * * * * The department