Research and Community Service

Research by the Department Staff

The department lecturers carry out a number of problem-alleviating research studies on an annual basis.  

In order to get vital and detailed information about research thematic areas and other research issues, please visit the website address of the Research Coordination Unit of the College. 

Besides, to get more specific thematic areas of the department and other relevant information, you are kindly requested to read a short training manual about ‘Action and Basic Research’ at the very end of this section.  

Community Based Services

In the previous years, the department made efforts to survey and conduct needs analyses by going directly to schools which are in Gondar City and around the city. Then, it could prepare training manuals based on relevant issues, which the teacher educators used to train the school teachers.

Since 2010 E.C, the department has been working in connection with one model school that is Azezo Tekle Haymanot Primary School for three consecutive years. The purpose of the linkage between the department and the school is to support the school professionally and make it a better place than before it was.

Furthermore, the department was motivated enough and so supported schools which requested to be trained on specific topical issues. Too, the department is interested to provide timely and responsive support for those who will request us for help. 

Continuous Professional Development /CPD/

The department enabled the lecturers to conduct CPD, which was set by the college, in their own groups. 

Also, the department arranged seminars that could bridge the gaps that existed in the education and training process. By doing so, it created situations in which the department teachers and the college community shared important experiences through open discussion and debate.