Early childhood Care and   Education (Basic Information)

  • Department: Department of Education
  • Contact person:
  • Misganaw Shibabaw Tsehay
  • phone No: 0918776949 ,
  • E-mail address :
  1. 1. Background

Early childhood development and learning has been the focus of extensive research and initiatives over the past few years .it is seen as equal to all other levels of education.  Because of this, Gondar college of Teachers Education started its own Model Early Childhood and Care Education in 2011/2019. The main focus of the model is to prepare children for their formal schooling by enhancing their all-round development. At present, the maximum intake capacity of the model is up to 200 children.

  1. 2. Vision:

The vision of ECCE is the following.

The vision of ECCE considers the culture of the country and the region along with “ensuring children the right to a healthy start in life, nature in safe, caring and stimulating environment and develop to their fullest potential.”

  1. Mission:

The mission of Ecce is the following.

  • Produce competent children who have social, physical, emotional ,moral and intellectual       development
  • Produce children that benefit themselves, their parents and the society at large.
  • Train children who are in a better position for their formal schooling.
  1. Values

Early childhood care and education shall actively and consciously influence and stimulate children to develop an understanding of the values in schools. The underlying values are human rights, equality, Democracy, environmental sustainability, multiculturalism and respect for the mother tongue. It also promotes responsibility, a sense of community and respect for the rights and freedom of the individual.

  1. Objectives

The objectives of ECCE are the following

5.1. General objective

The general objective of the model ECCE program is to produce children who have all round    development and readiness for their formal schooling in particular and for their future life in general.

5.2. Specific objectives: To help children

  • develop an awareness of letters
  • identify numbers up to twenty
  • recognize basic shapes and units for measurement time and weight
  • Develop desirable social attitudes and manners.
  • Build up basic skills necessary for personal adjustment, such as in dressing, toilet habits ,eating, washing and clearing.
  • Encourage and stimulate aesthetic appreciation.
  • .foster emotional strength, enhance positive self-concept, increase intellectual ability and physically well-being.
  1. Organization structure of ECCE


Considering the UNICECO /2006/ report, lessons of the ECCE program focus on the following areas:

  • Play,
  • language,
  • social science,
  • mathematics
  • ,music,
  • drawing ,painting, handcraft  and physical             .

The total contact hours per week are 26 periods and one period is 25-30 minutes long.

  1. Children’s Entry Requirement.

. Children aged from four to six years old can apply.

  1. Man Power of the Model School

The model school has 12 workers { 3 male and 9 female}.

Man power Sex Educational level Experience
Unit coordinator M M.A .in curriculum 31
ECCE Principal F 10+3 in ecce 16
ECCE Teachers F 10+3 1 t0 14
Care givers F 10th grade complete 2
Janitor F 10th 1
Guards M 10thgrade c. 2
  1. Number of Children

The number of children enrolled in 2020 academic year in Kg I and II is 118 (Male 62, Female 56.

11 The Annual Plane of the Model School

s.n Activities Duration for accomplishment Practitioner/s
1 cleaning and decorating school compass and classrooms August25 -30 Ecce school staff
2 Recruting and registering children September1-30 Ecce principal teachers
3 Teaching and playing children September to June 30 Teachers
4 Selection of parent –teacher union November Unit coordinator and principal
5 Field trips to historical places andsister ecce schools January Staff
6 Preparing teaching and playing materials October to May Teachers and principal
7 Fullfilling the necessary play and learning materials October -may College
8 Celebrating International and National holydays School community
9 Creating a favourable learning environment September -June The school community
10 School Closing and certification ceremony June Principal and teachers
  1. Major Achievements of ECCE

The major achievements that can be observed from ECCE children are the following:

  • .Children talk about what they see, hear, smell, touch, and feel.
  • .Use their body in appropriate ways
  • .Name the main parts of human body
  • Say what is good or bad about behavior
  • .Participate in games and play with other children
  • . Manage their hygiene occasionally with adults support
  • .Name a parts of a day/ morning, afternoon, before lunch etc/
  • . Assemble and disassemble constructions
  • .Know simple geometrical shapes/circle, square, triangle, etc/
  • .Compare quantities/length, mass, capacity, duration, money/

Generally, it can be noted that the ECCE completers are better interms of their scholastic achievements, social behavior as well as attachment to school than their peers who had no opportunity for Ecce.

  1. Major Activities of ECCE in school
  • .prepare children for a happy, healthy, and successful life.
  • .develop children‘s personality and ability
  • .promote an Ethiopian spirit within the children
  • .develop desirable social attitudes and manners.
  • .encourage healthy group participation and make the child sensitive to the rights and privileges others.
  1. Facilities of ECCE School

The facilities of ECCE unit and school are the following.

  • The school has attractive surroundings and classrooms.
  • Organized bureaus for ecce principal, library, store, etc.
  • Adequate number of Children’s seating chairs and tables are available
  • Children’s play and learning materials in the classrooms are satisfactory.

14 .Problems that ECCE School are the following

  1. shortage of budget to fulfill standardized   indoor and outdoor playing materials
  2. Lack of refreshment access for children at break and lunch time
  3. ECCE principal, teachers and others salary is not encouraging.