Teferi Abebe Fenta

Head of the Registrar
Office Tel: +251-581119128
P.O.Box: 176
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Registrar Background

The Registrar of the college was established in 1982 besides with Gondar Teachers Training Institute. It was serving not more than 500 students only in certificate program. Since its establishment the number of students enrolled and programs have been increasing. With the increasing number of students, the office of the registrar is expanding its service for the purpose of accommodating and properly securing the records of the students. The office has established with the help of unqualified recorders but recently there are five well trained registrar officers and a secretary in addition to the head of the registrar to accomplish its duties.

Currently, the Registrar is serving more than 10,000 active students in all certificate and diploma programs (regular evening, summer). The registrar has also served 3,326 undergraduate students in the affiliation program with Bahir Dar University since 2005 to 2013. In addition the registrar offers services for more than 120 college teachers and other customers who come from the community.

The main objective of the registrar’s office is to keep customers’ record appropriately and issue educational documents whenever demanded. Its main activities include:

  1. prepare student registration forms, student lists and schedules for the registration.
  2. register students according to the prepared academic calendar of the college.
  3. keep academic records of students appropriately and systematically.
  4. receive admission applications and process them properly in collaboration with the advisors and academic departments.
  5. prepare the lists of prospective graduates and submit them to the academic commission.
  6. prepare lists of students for those offices and staff members who need them.
  7. prepare degrees, diplomas, certificates, transcripts, grade reports and prizes to be issued by the college.
  8. prepare academic calendars of all programs for approval by the academic commission.
  9. improve and automate the record keeping system of the office.
  10. offer improved and efficient service to all its service seekers.
  11. prepare pertinent statistical information and submit them to the Dean of the college and the planning and programming officer.
  12. prepare and submit reports to the Dean of the college and the planning and programming officer.
  13. issue grade reports every semester to the students of the different departments.
  14. issue temporary diplomas, student copies, and original diplomas to the graduates of the different departments.

Mission: The Registrar is keen to support the College to accomplish its mission and vision through provision of quality and up-to-date services.

Vision: In the coming five years, the Registrar will deliver quality and timely services to the customers by automating with modern technology and skilled manpower.

Values: The core values are:

  • Students First: We value our students and their affairs are our top concerns.
  • Quality at all: Premier quality as a foundation of everything we do is our guiding principle.
  • Solidarity and Teamwork: We value solidarity and encourage team work in our process.
  • Proudly community servant: We are not an island. Our customers live in the community and we are part of the community. We feel their pains and share their joy. Therefore, we feel proud to belong to and serve our community.
  • Innovation: We value innovation as we are in a higher education industry where creativity and innovation are not only necessities but also mandatory.
  • Committed to ethics: Compliance to legal, social and professional ethics and norms is crucial for our development and goodwill.

Goals: Improving customer satisfaction, minimize resource wastage through appropriate use of resources, using information technology for better communication, improving quality of service provision, building skills, attitude and knowledge, creating enabling working environment

Motto: Committed to serve our customers!


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