Student Clubs

There are two clubs under the department namely Civics and Ethical club and Environmental protection club.

  1. Civics and Ethical club

 Objectives of the club

  • To create Ethical and Responsible Citizens
  • To build a democratic outlook for trainees to be active participant

Activates done in the academic Year (2012 E.C)

  • Cleaning collage  compound
  • Protecting new plants
  • Celebrating Anti- Corruption day by different activities such as( Panel discussion, Question and answering on Corruption, preparing and disseminating brochures  etc)

Club Members in the academic year (2012 E.C)

Male- 110

Female- 140

Total- 250

  1. Environmental protection club

Objectives of the club

  • To develop the awareness of the club members and the college community about the existing interaction and the relationship between natural and human environment.
  • To create good reading environment in the college by nurturing plants.
  • To celebrate environmental protection day through different activities
  • To prepare training and experience sharing program me in collaboration with central Gondar zone agriculture department and environmental protection and land administration department.
  • To develop knowledge, skill and attitude of club members by exposing them for different training and workshops prepared by NGO’s working on environmental issues.

Activates done in the academic Year (2012 E.C)

  • Planting trees in collaboration with other collage communities.
  • Nurturing the newly planted trees throughout the dry season
  • Cleaning the collage Campus, etc

Club Members in the academic year (2012 E.C)

Male- 12

Female- 3

Total- 15